Phuket Inebriated Southern Hash or "PISH". Also referred to as Phuket Island South Hash

Phuket Inebriated Southern Hash
Phuket Inebriated Southern Hash
Phuket Inebriated Southern Hash

It seems not much has been heard about this group in the last number of years but indeed and in fact, it is still in existence with runs periodically taking place.

The core group is a bunch of PH3's who mostly live in the Chalong/Rawai area or at least, South of Central Plaza. They meet on a Sat at the same time as the normal Sat run and they gather only when the main Sat run is being done at the North side of the Island. The PISHer's find that the drive to and from a normal Hash at the top end of the Island is now taking somewhat up to two hours or more each way. Thus, they meet at the South end and do a run/walk for about an hour and then retire to a close-by bar where they refresh themselves and also most likely, stay on for dinner at the bar/restaurant.

There is no haring and no paper laying... it is just loosely decided what area to go to and then doing a run/walk with someone within the group who is familiar with that particular area leading the pack.

This is not a break-away group trying to form a separate group. There are no T shirts, no circles, no ice, no GM, and no beer truck. Just a group who still want to exercise "Hash" style but not have to drive a long way in the existing Phuket traffic.

Anyone wanting to join in is welcome; just check with one of the regulars for directions to the next PISH. There will only be a PISH if the normal run is up Island too far.

Primary contacts: Chicken George: 089.868.5143, Too Old to Fuck: 085.068.5894, Hawaiian Ho: 081.691.6867, Nothing: 089.886.5433 (October - March).

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