Tuesday 28 January 2020 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM - Run #208
Kamala Koma Hash House Harriers "A very secretive hash located somewhere in Kamala near Baan Rim Klong."

Location: Thalang Area

On On back in Kamala at Popeyes
Bus times: Patong Expat: 14:45, Aussie Pub Kamala: 15:15, Maccas in Cherngtalay: 15:30

Saturday 01 February 2020 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM - Run #1774
Phuket Hash House Harriers "A Drinking Club With A Running Problem"

Location: Thanyapura - Date Palm Plantation

Continue north from the traffic lights in the center of Thalang for approx 2.4 km. Approx 300 m before the Old Airport Road Traffic lights take the U-turn and come back towards Thalang for 400 m. Turn LEFT HHH towards Thanyapura and UWC and head east for 2.8 km. Turn RIGHT HHH just before the pylons and the laager is in the date palms. Park in the date palms- there is plenty of space. Do not block the track that parallels the pylons. Vehicles with low ground clearance park on the road. Beer Truck will be marked.
HARE NOTE: Smokers note: At the behest of the landowners there is to be absolutely NO SMOKING in the date palms due to the fire hazard. Smokers are to go out to the main track as required. Failure to comply with this request could see us losing use of the site. There is current traffic congestion at Cherngtalay.

Bus Pickup Schedule

  • Patong @ Expat Hotel: 14:15
  • Kamala @ Aussie Pub: 14:45
Thursday 11 June 2020  Run Start Time: 16:00

Location: TBA