Presentation for Aen, a Quantum Electric Power Scooter

Hello everyone,
The Electric Mobility Scooter arrived here in Patong Beach from Pride Mobility Australia late at night on the 20th July,
Yesterday, with the help of Wan, we took Aen for some driving/familiarization lesson's on the vehicle for about two hours,
He was a little overawed, coupled with excitement but has proven himself to be very competent with the operational side of things,
Today he will receive more training and we will be taking him out amongst the traffic to further instill confidence,
The presentation night is 7:00 PM Friday, the 24th of July at the Kangaroo Bar, Soi Bangla, Patong, Phuket for Aen to receive his Electric Mobility Scooter and his new lease on life,
He is very excited to say the least and is looking forward to his new set of wheels and newly found freedom,
We have been given dispensation for 50 Harley Davidson's to be allowed into Bangla road and that will be accompanied by Don's Bar B Q night providing his delicious food for everyone,
Once again The Phuket News will be there as they always have been since the start, with their excellent media coverage and the event promises to be a huge turnout, Cheers everyone and we will look forward to seeing you all the presentation.
The Presentation Night we held at the Kangaroo Bar, Soi Bangla, Patong, Phuket for Aen was a resounding success,
Aen is now the proud owner of a Pride Mobility Electric Scooter and his life as with Wan's has been changed forever in such a very positive way,
This could not have been made possible without everyone coming together to help out,
The depth of kindness and generosity received has gone above and beyond anything, we have experienced before and a very deep thank you goes out to each and every one of you,
Once again thank you for your support,