The Tinmen was founded by Alan "Sir Dubai" Cooke in 1990 and first ran on 21 May of that year.

The Tinmen is a men-only hash. Runs take place on the first Wednesday of the month, with one extra run on the Wednesday nearest the Tinmen anniversary (21 May). The runs are designed to be slightly taxing, however, there are two legs and those wanting an easier option have the opportunity to ride on the bus for one of the legs. The Tinmen has two circles, one immediately after the run and the second after dinner. Pack sizes range from 20-30.


The runs are traditionally A-B then B-C with the walkers doing the easier leg (usually). Tinmen are asked to use the bus rather than drive themselves as we don't return to the starting point.

Run fees are 600 Baht which includes the bus, snacks and a meal at a local restaurant.

Check the Hareline for Tinmen dates and bus schedules.

GM Hall Of Fame

  1. Caveman
  2. Porky
  3. Fucknose
  4. Lord Louis the Lip
  5. Four by Two
  6. King Klong
  7. Sir Sybil
  8. Sir Wanda
  9. Ketchup
  10. The Reverend Fingerlicker
  11. Bullet Rash
  12. Billy Boy
  13. Scud
  14. Big Bollox
  15. Blast Off
  16. Flubba
  17. Cardinal Finger
  18. Rosie
  19. White Pointer
  20. BC
  21. Swollen Colon
  22. Murkury
  23. Wilma
  24. Fungus
  25. Secret Agent Dick Gobbler
  26. Jungle Balls
  27. Dr Fucking Jekyll
  28. Jaws

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