Baan Than Namchai Orphanage in Takua Pa

The Phuket hash supports the Baan Than Namchai orphanage in Takua Pa, Phang Nga province. If you wish to make a donation or help in any way then please either follow the links below or contact the GM

The orphanage currently homes more than 80 children, aged from baby - 17-years-old. The children who live at the orphanage come from many different backgrounds - some lost one or both of their parents during the tsunami, others have been abandoned and others where grandparents could not cope. Instead of living on the streets the children have been taken in and cared for by the orphanage until they finish school. The orphanage provides a safe place to live in a small secure environment and every child goes to school which is funded by the orphanage which pays their fees and provides books and pens. The orphanage is also trying to make itself self-sustainable through projects such as making and selling crafts and food. The latest project has been to purchase the land instead of leasing, making it safe for the future.

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Visit to Baan Than Namchai Orphanage in Takuapa

December 22, 2014

On December 22, 2014 a truck load of donated supplies and Christmas gifts were delivered to the Baan Than Namchai orphanage in Takuapa, Phang-Nga. One picture shows part of the bedrooms with Rotjana Phraesrithong who worked with Allyson (Necrophilia) before illness forced her to return to the UK.

Also, the 20,040 baht that was donated during run #1500 circle was transferred into to the Baan Than Namchai orphanage bank account the same day. We have since received a nice note from Khun Rotjana wishing us all a Happy Christmas and Good Days Wishes for the New Year, and thanking the Phuket Hash for their generous Heart.

Well done, OnOn PH3

*** NEWS ***



On On from Takuapa.
Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

We certainly had a great Christmas here many thanks to all of you. After school on Christmas day we had a party for 500 kids. More rowdy than a circle. Before the New Year many of our kids went to stay with any family they have, that left us with about 40 kids. We packed them up and went on an outstation! We camped on the beach at Koh Koa Kao. It's only a couple of miles down the road but it's one of those idyllic places with no one else for miles around. The kids loved it and spent most of the time in the water. They came out to eat and one of the nights as a special treat thanks entirely to you we had pizza. They loved it!!! Our very special thanks come to you for New Year's Day. The 40 odd children still with us have no one who cares enough to take them for a break. No one who loves them enough to treat them but you lot of drunken hashers do! After a BBQ the kids all came home to a special gift. Look at those faces. You done good! As always thanks. Call in and see us any time you are passing.

On On
PS We didn't spend all your beer money on pizza and BBQ, that was only the fun bit. Some we saved for our next useful project!


Thanks to Lesser D & Scrubber for taking all of the Christmas presents and the collection money of B32,000 up to Takua Pa.

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9 August 2013

"Showering in the rain, Just showering in the rain"

Sounds way way better than "Smoking in the rain" and That's What Katie did! Virgin My Arse to you hashers.

Many thanks to VMA and all you non charity hashers who supported her.

Water here cost quite a lot and isn't really very good quality. We've just extended a building and with VMA's help are going to put up gutters and water tanks and recycle rain water.

Well done Virgin My Arse and many thanks from 79 kids and Necrophylia.

... and since christmas ...

The new babies (anything under 6) room has now been finished. It was curtained, furnished and filled with soft toys cutesy of the hash. See I knew you all had a soft centre really!!!!

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22 December 2012

A visit to the orphanage from CP and JB to hand over christmas presents and B29,000 collected at the Saturday Hash and the Kamala Koma. Thanks to all who contributed.

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3 December 2012

On Friday night, thinking that because we took in children we would take in anything young, someone dumped a litter of 5 puppies in our playground. The puppies were well fed and healthy but clearly unwanted. They were also wary of humans. By Sunday they were chasing children, being cosseted or worn out from all the attention. When they needed sleep the children played house, baking pies and cleaning up for when the puppies woke from their nap. I can now say with great faith that these puppies are wonderful with children.

There is something very magical about watching little ones interact.

We can't keep the pups so we are trying to find homes. Do you want a puppy, do you know someone who does. I'll even deliver to Phuket.

18 May 2012

As LD and JJ (looking remarkably like Bullet Rash) have both recently been to visit I thought you might need an update. The day Bullet Rash visited we counted 3 kids wearing Hash shirts. since then I've looked out each day, even with them back at school I still haven't gone a day without seeing a Hash shirt. I can usually find one of the staff wearing one too. Thanks Guys.

And thanks to those of you who helped with the last help question. As I was about to call the numbers I got in Phuket a pediatric clinic opened here so we decided to give it a go. The problem is Ton Hom, one of our little girls, though 7 in July she could easily pass for 4, weighing in at only 13.5k. She has just moved from kindergarten to primary school and the first day was on the 16th. Check out the new uniform, especially the shoes!!!! and these were the smallest in then shop!! It'll be a while before we can get hash shoes to fit her!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being my Phuket experts, for the clothes, the hash shirts and for everything else.
On On

18 Jan 2012

It doesn't happen very often but today we ran out of rice. We've had a whole load of kids from another centre visiting and as they were all teenage boys they ate A LOT! With rice for 20 of the 21 meals a week you can imagine the problem! And then the HASH came to the rescue. Many thanks to all you hashers. Your donations are quite literally feeding our kids.

I thought of sending a picture of rice but that's a bit boring so here's some of the kids in action. No it isn't a Hash run, they are catching cat fish at Takua Pa.

15 Jan 2012

You saw the pictures of the normal hash shirts last week but the LD and Sucker sized shirts posed more of a problem. Solved it this week! We are having Two For One!!!!!!
ON ON the hash

03 Jan 2012

Dear Hashers, well somebody must love you!

There are kids up here who have done more bloody runs than I ever did! That is according to their shirts!!!!!!! Thanks everyone, the kids loved getting colourful new shirts.

Like most of you lot with beer they are happy to accept anything but a brand new one is special! They also loved the pants, the girls thought they were amazing.

I've given a load of Murkury's old shirts to Game, so they'll probably be back in Phuket soon. You'll probably see Game running much slower now.

Thanks all of you who sent Christmas greetings, I didn't get the cards but your monetary offerings will be well spent! Personally I'd buy a case of beer or tonic if I could get it!

Anyway here's to your health and some bastard Flubber runs!


Necrophylia and the pack.

PS To those of you who act as my experts many thanks, there will be lots more questions in 2012. I ordered 2 exam tables from Phuket last week .

03 Apr 2011

Just a reminder that all those clothes that come up find homes!!!!! We have all sizes! ON ON

We don't feature the Belfast Telegraph very often, except of course when it features the orphanage: Here's to Fisherman's Friend, he's true blue...

19 Mar 2011

The children at the orphanage decided they wanted to help children in Japan who had been affected by the tsunami. So they went out into the town and collected B24,000 (that's more than we collected for them!). Read PDF with details

08 Mar 2011

The latest news from the orphanage is that a young man by the name of Game has managed to get a place at a Phuket University were he will study law. With very little support available to him it was going to be a problem. In steps our own Popeye who will give him accommodation and transport. In return Game has said he will work with Popeye and Difference at the weekends to repay. Hope to see you on the Hash soon Game.

Allyson also reports that the recent food shortage and overcrowding problems have been overcome ... Actually they've just bought some new pots!

07 Mar 2011

An update on the two salas being built with the cash donated by Phuket HHH

24 Feb 2011

BB, Minnie Mouse, Bootilicious and BS made a trip to the orphanage to deliver two carloads of toys and clothes and to pass across a donation of B22,000.

"Thanks to all that helped and gave. Any hashers going that way are welcome to stop and say hello and have a coffee. Thanks again from all up there", BB.

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