Flash/Scribe Page for 2013

So, what have we been up to?

This page is where you see our history, or stuff from the past if you prefer.

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Date Hash Run # Hares Location Scribe / Flash / Video / Track / Whatever
28-Dec-13 PHHH 1453 J.C. & Dr Fucking Jeckyll Kathu ScribeFlashTrack
21-Dec-13 PHHH 1452 Who the Fuck is Alice & Major Dick Blue Naiharn ScribeFlashTrackOrphanage
18-Dec-13 Kamala Koma 135 Mr Fister, Oh Yeah!, Punt & On The Floor Kamala Flash
15-Dec-13 Pooying 286 J.C. & Born Loser Kathu Scribe
14-Dec-13 PHHH 1451 Two Stroke & Nothing Chao Fa West ScribeFlashTrack
11-Dec-13 Iron Pussy 125 Paper & Bumscraper Kathu FlashFlashFlash
7-Dec-13 PHHH 1450 Lau Lau Louder, No Hope & Singha Old Airport Road ScribeFlashTrack
4-Dec-13 Tinmen 299 Jungle Balls & Dicksappointing Kata Noi Flash Flash Track
30-Nov-13 PHHH 1449 Barbara Woodhouse & Gorgeous Cape Panwa ScribeFlashTrack
26-Nov-13 Kamala Koma 134 Billy Boy, King Klong & Murkury Bang Pae Flash
23-Nov-13 PHHH 1448 Chicken George, Nothing, Hawaiian Ho, Two Stroke & Give Me A Stroke Kathu ScribeFlashTrack
17-Nov-13 Pooying 285 Barbara Woodhouse Cape Panwa ScribeFlashFlashFlash
16-Nov-13 PHHH 1447 Houdini & Vacant Plot Yamu ScribeFlashFlashTrack
13-Nov-13 Iron Pussy 124 Flip Flop, Dog's Breath & Give Me A Stroke Chalong FlashFlashFlash
9-Nov-13 PHHH 1446 Manneken Pis & Parasol Pussy Ban Don ScribeFlashTrack
6-Nov-13 Tinmen 298 Bullet Rash & Lesser Dipshit Manik Dam/ Heroines' Track
2-Nov-13 PHHH 1445 No Hope, Singha, On The Floor & Lau Lau Louder Old Airport Road ScribeFlashTrack
29-Oct-13 Kamala Koma 133 Jiggly Jugs & B.C. Thalang
26-Oct-13 PHHH 1444 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Makham ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrackHash Shit
19-Oct-13 PHHH 1443 Bullet Rash, Lesser Dipshit & Born Loser Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashTrack
13-Oct-13 Pooying 284 Secret Agent Dick Gobbler & J.C. Kathu Scribe
12-Oct-13 PHHH 1442 Billy Boy & J.C. Pak Lok ScribeFlashTrack
9-Oct-13 Iron Pussy 123 Flip Flop, Dog's Breath & Give Me A Stroke Chao Fa West FlashFlashFlash
5-Oct-13 PHHH 1441 No Hope, Ape-Man & Puppy Love Pak Lok ScribeFlashTrack
2-Oct-13 Tinmen 297 Mister Fister & No Hope Kamala Track
28-Sep-13 PHHH 1440 No Hope, Singha, Lau Lau Louder & On The Floor Pak Lok ScribeFlashTrack
24-Sep-13 Kamala Koma 132 Dicksappointing, Houdini and Virgin My Arse Kamala Flash
21-Sep-13 PHHH 1439 Mister Fister, Oh Yeah!, Fungus & Tequila Slapper Pak Lok ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
15-Sep-13 Pooying 283 J.C. Kathu
14-Sep-13 PHHH 1438 Stupid Canard, Barf Wader, Froggy & 'Manu' Rawai ScribeFlashFlashTrack
11-Sep-13 Iron Pussy 122 Clitmas Pussy, Moonwalker & Matching Drapes Rawai FlashTrack
7-Sep-13 PHHH 1437 Murkury, Jungle Balls & Clitmas Pussy Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
4-Sep-2013 Tinmen 296 Manneken Pis Karon/Patong FlashTrack
31-Aug-13 PHHH 1436 Puppy Shit, Butt Plug & Dambuster Bang Wat Dam Scribe Flash Flash Flash Flash Track Hash Shit
27-Aug-13 Kamala Koma 131 Clitzipper & Figjam Ban Manik Flash Flash
24-Aug-13 PHHH 1435 Who the Fuck is Alice & Stupid Canard Kata Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Aug-13 Pooying 282 Murkury & J.C. Mosquito Lake ScribeFlash
17-Aug-13 PHHH 1434 No Hope & Sir Prikalot Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Aug-13 Iron Pussy 121 Virgin My Arse, Flo Jo & Chastity Belt Manik Dam Flash
10-Aug-13 PHHH 1433 J.C. & Murkury Chalong ScribeFlashFlashTrack
7-Aug-13 Tinmen 295 Wilma
Kathu Track
3-Aug-13 PHHH 1432 No Hope, Singha, Golden Rain & Queen of Puke Bang Jo ScribeFlashFlashTrack
30-Jul-13 Kamala Koma 130 Shit Sweet Smelling Sperm Droplet, Wrong Pussy, Golden Rain, Lau Lau Louder & No Hope Kamala Flash
27-Jul-13 PHHH 1431 J.C., King Klong, Bumscraper & President Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashFlashTrack
25-Jul-13 PHHH AGPU Manneken Pis & Murkury Patong FlashFlashFlashFlashIndependence Day
20-Jul-13 PHHH 1430 Mannekin Pis, Wilma & Jeanneke Pis Kathu ScribeFlashFlashTrackHash Shit
14-Jul-13 Pooying 281 King Klong & J.C. Kamala ScribeFlashFlash
13-Jul-13 PHHH 1429 Figjam Manik Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrack
10-Jul-13 Iron Pussy 120 Minnie Mouse & Pole Position Patong FlashFlashFlash
6-Jul-13 PHHH 1428 Mister Fister, Fungus & Tequila Slapper Phuket Airpark ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrackIndependence Day
3-Jul-13 Tinmen 294 Murkury & J.C. Cherng Talay
29-Jun-13 PHHH 1427 Manneken Pis, 15 Gets You 20 & Jeanneken Pis Patong View Point ScribeFlashFlashTrack
25-Jun-13 Kamala Koma 129 Singha, Mister Fister, Golden Rain, Queen of Puke & Lau Lau Louder Thalang FlashFlash
22-Jun-13 PHHH 1426 Who the Fuck is Alice, Stupid Canard & Major Dick Blue Rawai FlashFlashTrack
16-Jun-13 Pooying 280 Born Looser & Kewpie Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlash
15-Jun-13 PHHH 1425 No Hope, Singha, Golden Rain, Queen of Puke & Lau Lau Louder Old Airport Road FlashFlashTrack27th Anniversary of PH3
12-Jun-13 Iron Pussy 119 Bumscraper & Woodpecker Kathu FlashFlashFlash
8-Jun-13 PHHH 1424 Gorgeous Ko Sire FlashFlashTrackPics by Virgin My Arse
5-Jun-13 Tinmen 293 Wilma Off Thepkasatri Road Track
1-Jun-13 PHHH 1423 No Hope, Queen of Puke, Golden Rain & Lau Lau Louder Thanyapura FlashFlashTrack
31-May-13 PHHH - Hash Ball Royal Phuket City Hotel FlashFlashFlashCartoon lets rip
28-May-13 Kamala Koma 128 Jungle Balls & Clitmas Pussy Rawai Track
26-May-13 PHHH 1422 Big Bollox Chumphon FlashFlashTrack
25-May-13 PHHH 1421 Murkury & J.C. Chumphon Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash
Flash Flash Flash Flash Track
Not Cleaver's 60th Birthday weblink
25-May-13 PHHH 1420 King Klong, Butt Plug & Puppy Shit Bang Wat Dam Track
22-May-13 Tinmen 292 Louis the Lip, No Hope & Blind Mullet Old Airport Road
18-May-13 PHHH 1419 Murkury, J.C., Billy Boy & Bumscraper North of Heroines' ScribeFlashFlashTrack
12-May-13 Pooying 279 Bullet Rash Heroines' Scribe
11-May-13 PHHH 1418 Murkury, Billy Boy & J.C. Old Airport Road FlashFlashFarewell Princess, Part 1Farewell Princess, Part 2Track
8-May-13 Iron Pussy 118 Jiggly Jugs & On The Floor Thalang FlashFlash
4-May-13 PHHH 1417 Princess & Great Dick Manik Dam FlashFlashTrack
1-May-13 Tinmen 291 Chicken George & Two Stroke Chalong Track
30-Apr-13 Kamala Koma 127 No Hope, Singha, Golden Rain & Queen of Puke Old Airport Road FlashTrack
27-Apr-13 PHHH 1416 No Hope, Singha, Golden Rain & Queen of Puke Cherng Talay FlashFlashTrack
20-Apr-13 PHHH 1415 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Makham FlashFlashTrack
14-Apr-13 PHHH 1414 Who the Fuck is Alice & Major Dick Blue Naiharn FlashTrack
10-Apr-13 Iron Pussy 117 Virgin My Arse & Mind the Gap Kamala Flash
07-Apr-13 Pooying 278 Dr Fucking Jeckyll & Chicken George Chao Fa Muang Road .ScribeFlash
06-Apr-13 PHHH 1413 Thai Connection Bang Wat Dam FlashFlashTrackNot Cleaver's 60th Birthday
03-Apr-13 Tinmen 290 Swollen Colon & Fungus Thalang Track
30-Mar-13 PHHH 1412 No Hope, Singha & Queen of Puke Thalang ScribeFlashTrack
26-Mar-13 126 Kamala Koma Mister Fister, Oh Yeah, Virgin My Ass and Dicksapointing, Kamala Koma FlashFlash
23-Mar-13 PHHH 1411 Jungle Balls, Clitmas Pussy, Murkury & Sad Term Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
17-Mar-13 Pooying 277 Minnie Mouse, Once Weekly & Twice Nightly Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashFlashTrack
16-Mar-13 PHHH 1410 Billy Boy, Murkury & J.C. Ao Po ScribeFlashFlashTrack
13-Mar-13 Iron Pussy 116 Woodpecker, Minnie Mouse & Mudflaps Patong Viewpoint FlashFlash
9-Mar-13 PHHH 1409 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Khao Kad Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashTurtle HeadTrack
6-Mar-13 Tinmen 289 King Klong & Murkury Kathu / Patong Track
2-Mar-13 PHHH 1408 Prince Charles Fucking Tosser, Fungus & Two Stroke Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrackHash Shit
26-Feb-13 Kamala Koma 125 Secret Agent Dick Gobbler & J.C. Kamala FlashFlashTrack
23-Feb-13 PHHH 1407 No Hope, Singha, Golden Rain & Queen of Puke Ao Po ScribeFlashFlashTrack
17-Feb-13 Pooying 276 Barbara Woodhouse, Paperboy: Gorgeous Khao Kad Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashTrack
16-Feb-13 PHHH 1406 Butt Plug, Woodpecker, Slow Cunt & 15 Gets You 20. Special haring advisor: King Klong Patong ScribeFlashFlashTrack
13-Feb-13 Iron Pussy 115 Creature, Paper & Scrubber Bang Wat Dam FlashFlashFlash
9-Feb-13 PHHH 1405 Julie Andrews, Dicksappointing, Mister Fister & Queen of Puke Yacht Haven ScribeFlashFlashTrack
6-Feb-13 Tinmen 288 Dicksappointing & Jungle Balls Kamala / Bang Tao FlashTrack
2-Feb-13 PHHH 1404 Swollen Colon Ban Don (where?) ScribeFlashFlashTrack
29-Jan-13 Kamala Koma 124 No Hope & The Duke of Puke Cherng Talay FlashFlashBobnoxious!Track
26-Jan-13 PHHH 1403 J.C. & King Klong Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashFlashBestiality's Great Mate!Track
19-Jan-13 PHHH 1402 No Hope, Apeman & Singha Mai Khao ScribeFlashFlashTrackNot Cleaver's 60th Birthday
13-Jan-13 Pooying 275 J.C. & Secret Agent Dick Gobbler Chao Fa West ScribeFlashTrack
12-Jan-13 PHHH 1401 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
9-Jan-13 Iron Pussy 114 Clitmas Pussy Naiharn FlashFlashTrack
5-Jan-13 PHHH 1400 J.C. & Billy Boy Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
1-Jan-13 Tinmen 287 Dr Fucking Jeckyll & Murkury Bang Wat Dam FlashTrack

All run tracks from 2013 in one file here.

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