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So, what have we been up to?

This page is where you see our history, or stuff from the past if you prefer.

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Date Hash Run # Hares Location Scribe / Flash / Video / Track / Whatever
29-Dec-12 PHHH 1399 Hawaiian Ho, Nothing & Chicken George Chao Fa West ScribeTrack
22-Dec-12 PHHH 1398 Lucky Lek, Tiger & Tequila Slapper Behind BIS ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
18-Dec-12 Kamala Koma 123 Julie Andrews & Singha Gold Paklok FlashFlash
15-Dec-12 PHHH 1397 Who the Fuck Is Alice, Stupid Canard & Major Dick Blue Rawai ScribeFlashFlashTrackHash Shit
12-Dec-12 Iron Pussy 113 Slippery Bum, Kick My Ass, Mind the Gap & Virgin My Arse Kamala FlashFlashFlash
9-Dec-12 Pooying 274 Once Weekly & Twice Nightly Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashFlashTrack
8-Dec-12 PHHH 1396 Cobbler, Tiger, Porn Shop & Topoff Tin Mining Museum ScribeFlashFlashTrack
6-Dec-12 Tinmen 286 Chicken George & Nothing Chao Fa West Track
2-Dec-2012 PHHH - Volunteering at the Ironman 70.3 Laguna FlashFlashFlash
1-Dec-2012 PHHH 1395 No Hope & Singha Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
27-Nov-2012 Kampala Koma 122 Singha, Dicksappointing & Golden Rain Thalang TrackFlashTeeshirt
25-Nov-2012 PHHH - Volunteering at the Phuket Laguna Triathlon Laguna FlashFlash
24-Nov-2012 PHHH 1394 Julie Andrews, Queen of Puke & Mister Fister Ao Po ScribeFlashTrack
18-Nov-2012 Pooying 273 JC & Paper Kathu ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
17-Nov-2012 PHHH 1393 No Hope, Apeman & Puppy Love Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashTrack
14-Nov-2012 Iron Pussy 112 Flip Flop & Moonwalker Rawai FlashFlash
10-Nov-2012 PHHH 1392 Manneken Pis & Murkury Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
7-Nov-2012 Tinmen 285 Clit Zipper & Fungus Patong-Kamala Flash
3-Nov-2012 PHHH 1391 Barbara Woodhouse & Gorgeous Wat Luang Pa Supha, Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
30-Oct-2012 Kamala Koma 121 Dicksappointing, Rude As Fuck, Virgin My Arse & Houdini Kamala FlashFlashFlash
27-Oct-2012 PHHH 1390 JC & Paper Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashTrack
20-Oct-2012 PHHH 1389 Once Weekly, Twice Nightly & JC Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Oct-2012 Pooying 272 Singha & Naked Gun Bang Tao FlashFlashTeeshirt
13-Oct-2012 PHHH 1388 Barbara Woodhouse & Gorgeous Khao Khad View Point ScribeFlashTrack
10-Oct-2012 Iron Pussy 111 Woodpecker & Scrubber Patong FlashFlash
9-Oct-2012 Maraud 61 Scud Patong
6-Oct-2012 PHHH 1387 Apeman, No Hope & Puppy Love Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
3-Oct-2012 Tinmen 284 Chicken George & Dr Fucking Jekyll Chalong
29-Sep-2012 PHHH 1386 Creature, Ejackulator & No Hope Patong ScribeFlashFlashTrack
25-Sep-2012 Kamala Koma 120 BC & Secret Agent Dick Gobbler Thalang FlashFlashTrack
22-Sep-2012 PHHH 1385 Murkury, Jungle Balls & Manneken Pis Thalang ScribeFlashFlashTrack
16-Sep-2012 Pooying 271 Dr Fucking Jekyll & Chicken George Mosquito Lake FlashTrack
15-Sep-2012 PHHH 1384 Barf Wader, Froggy, Barbara Woodhouse & Gorgeous Rawai ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
12-Sep-2012 Iron Pussy 110 Scrubber, Kewpie, President & Smiling Pussy Bang Wat Dam FlashTrack
8-Sep-2012 PHHH 1383
Popeye & White Pointer
Cherntalay ScribeFlashFlashTrack
5-Sep-2012 Tinmen 283 Swollen Colon & King Klong Layan Teeshirt
1-Sep-2012 PHHH 1382 Dambuster, Minnie Mouse & Tiger Manik Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrack
28-Aug-2012 Kamala Koma 119 Swollen Colon ACG Phuket Cricket Ground Flash
25-Aug-2012 PHHH 1381 Swollen Colon Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Aug-2012 PHHH 1380 White Pointer & Popeye Thalang ScribeFlashFlashTrack
12-Aug-2012 Pooying 270 Sir Wanda & Bluey Rawai Scribe Flash Track
11-Aug-2012 PHHH 1379 No Hope, Singha, Mind the Gap, Queen of Puke & Golden Rain Mai Khao ScribeFlashTrack
9-Aug-2012 Maraud 60 Julie Andrews & Sir Wanda Kamala Teeshirt
8-Aug-2012 Iron Pussy 109 Creature From The Blue Lagoon & Paper Kathu FlashFlash
4-Aug-2012 PHHH 1378 Virgin My Arse, Flip Flop & Moonwalker Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
1-Aug-2012 Tinmen 282 Murkury & Dr Fucking Jeckyll Kamala Flash
31-Jul-2012 Kamala Koma 118 No Hope, Singha, Mind the Gap, Queen of Puke & Golden Rain Nai Thon Flash
28-Jul-2012 PHHH 1377 No Hope & J.C. Kamala ScribeFlashFlashTrack
26-Jul-2012 PHHH AGPU Jungle Balls & Manneken Pis Expat, Patong ScribeFlashFlashVideoTeeshirt
21-Jul-2012 PHHH 1376 Jungle Balls , Murkury & Manneken Pis Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirtHash Shit
15-Jul-2012 Pooying 269 J.C. & Sir Wanda Kamala
14-Jul-2012 PHHH 1375 Who the Fuck is Alice & Stupid Canard Rawai ScribeFlashFlashVideoTrack
11-Jul-2012 Iron Pussy 108 Matching Drapes, Always Wet, Litttle Bugger & Putin My Pussy Rawai FlashFlashTrack
7-Jul-2012 PHHH 1374 King Klong, No Hope & Murkury Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrack
4-Jul-2012 Tinmen 281 Ejackulator, Fungus & Butt-Cycle.  Haring advisor: Murkury, Real Hare: Creature Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashTrackTeeshirt
30-Jun-2012 PHHH 1373 No Hope & Singha Manik Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
26-Jun-2012 Kamala Koma 117 Bullet Rash Mosquito Lake FlashFlashTrack
23-Jun-2012 PHHH 1372 Who the Fuck is Alice & Stupid Canard Kata View Point ScribeFlashFlashTrackFlashTeeshirt
17-Jun-2012 Pooying 268 Born Loser & Kewpie Kathu Flash
16-Jun-2012 PHHH 1371 White Pointer, Popeye & Different Thalang ScribeFlashFlashTrack
13-Jun-2012 Iron Pussy 107 Double Down Down & Chastity Belt Manik Dam FlashFlashTrack
9-Jun-2012 PHHH 1370 Wilma Chalong ScribeFlashFlashHash Shit
6-Jun-2012 Tinmen 280 Murkury, Billy Boy, Bluey & Doctor Fucking Jeckyll Bang Pae Track
2-Jun-2012 PHHH 1369 Houdini, Vacant Plot & J.C. Kamala ScribeFlashFlashTrack
1-Jun-2012 PHHH - Hash Ball Royal City Hotel, Phuket FlashFlashFlashFlash
29-May-2012 Kamala Koma 116 Jiggly Jugs Thalang FlashFlashTrack
26-May-2012 PHHH 1368 Murkury, G.P.Arse & Fungus Tinmine Museum ScribeFlashTrack
23-May-2012 Tinmen 279 Jungle Balls & Dicksappointing Kata - Chalong FlashTrackTeeshirt
19-May-2012 PHHH 1367 No Hope & Apeman Airport Weather Station Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
13-May-2012 Pooying 267 Houdini & Chastity Belt Kamala FlashFlashTrack
12-May-2012 PHHH 1366 Once Weekly & Twice Nightly Mosquito Lake ScribeFlashFlashTrack
9-May-2012 Iron Pussy 106 Clitmas Pussy & Virgin My Arse Chalong FlashFlashFlashTrack
5-May-2012 PHHH 1365 Murkury, Jungle Balls & Clitmas Pussy Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
2-May-2012 Tinmen 278 B.C. & Bullet Rash Thalang Track
28-Apr-2012 PHHH 1364 The Blue Harlot & No Hope Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
24-Apr-2012 Kamala Koma 115 Julie Andrews, Anal Vice & Tight Fit East of Thalang FlashFlashTrack
21-Apr-2012 PHHH 1363 Gorgeous, Dicksappointing, Virgin My Arse & Barbara Woodhouse Wat Luang Pa Supha Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
15-Apr-2012 Pooying 266 Minnie Mouse & Bullet Rash Naka FlashTrack
14-Apr-2012 PHHH 1362 Dambuster, Tiger, Porn Shop & Cobbler Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
11-Apr-2012 Iron Pussy 105 Jiggly Jugs & Bullet Gash Cherng Talay FlashFlashTrack
7-Apr-2012 PHHH 1361 No Hope, Apeman & Rude as Fuck Phuket International Academy ScribeFlashFlashTrack
4-Apr-2012 Tinmen 277 W C Fields & Naa Hee Man Kamala FlashTrack
31-Mar-2012 PHHH 1360 Gorgeous, Dicksappointing, Virgin My Arse & Barbara Woodhouse Makham ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
27-Mar-2012 Kamala Koma 114 Slippery Bum, Kick My Ass, Virgin My Arse & Dicksappointing Kamala FlashFlashTrack
24-Mar-2012 PHHH 1359 Who the Fuck is Alice, Stupid Canard & 'Denise' Kata View Point ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Mar-2012 Pooying 265 Swollen Colon Layan Flash
17-Mar-2012 PHHH 1358 No Hope & Houdini Manik Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Mar-2012 Iron Pussy 104 Woodpecker, Minnie Mouse & Mudflaps Bang Wat Dam FlashFlashTrack
10-Mar-2012 PHHH 1357 No Hope & Butt Plug Patong Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashTrack
6-Mar-2012 Tinmen 276 Murkury, Berthless Boatie & Topoff Kathu/Heroines   Teeshirt
3-Mar-2012 PHHH 1356 Barbara Woodhouse, Dicksappointing, Virgin My Arse & Gorgeous Wat Luang Pa Supha Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrackHash Shit
28-Feb-2012 Kamala Koma 113 No Hope Manik FlashFlashTrack
25-Feb-2012 PHHH 1355 White Pointer, Popeye & Different Cherng Talay ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Feb-2012 PHHH 1354 Swollen Colon Naithon ScribeFlashFlashTrack
12-Feb-2012 Pooying 264 Bullet Rash, Mama Duck & Jiggly Jugs Heroines' FlashTrack
11-Feb-2012 PHHH 1353 No Hope, Singha & Apeman Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
8-Feb-2012 Iron Pussy 103 Mind The Gap, Poker Face, Kick My Ass & Slippery Bum Kamala FlashFlashTrack
4-Feb-2012 PHHH 1352 Billy Boy & Bluey Heroines' ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
1-Feb-2012 Tinmen 275 Swollen Colon & Na He Man Layan FlashTrack
31-Jan-2012 Kamala Koma 112 Swollen Colon Cherng Talay
28-Jan-2012 PHHH 1351 Gorgeous, Barbara Woodhouse, Dicksappointing & Virgin My Arse Wat Luang Pa Supha Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
21-Jan-2012 PHHH 1350 Murkury & J.C. North of Thalang ScribeFlashFlashTrack
15-Jan-2012 Pooying 263 Secret Agent Dick Gobbler & King Klong Kathu Flash
14-Jan-12 Chiang Mai SH3 1058 His Royal Anus & Cum a Lot (Creature & Ejackulator's Wedding Weekend) Chiang Mai ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Jan-2012 PHHH 1349 Nothing & Chicken George Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
11-Jan-2012 Iron Pussy 102 Clitmas Pussy & Virgin My Arse Chalong FlashFlashFlashTrack
7-Jan-2012 PHHH 1348 No Hope, Singha & Apeman Ao Po ScribeFlashFlashTrack
4-Jan-2012 Tinmen 274 Secret Agent Dick Gobbler Bang Pae FlashTrack

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