Flash/Scribe Page for 2011

So, what have we been up to?

This page is where you see our history, or stuff from the past if you prefer.

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Date Hash Run # Hares Location Scribe / Flash / Video / Track / Whatever
31-Dec-2011 PHHH 1347 J.C. & Jungle Balls Bang Wat Dam (Island) ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
27-Dec-2011 Kamala Koma 111 Singha Gold Baan Lipon Flash
24-Dec-2011 PHHH 1346 Big Bollox, Born Loser & Dr Fucking Jeckyll Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Dec-2011 Pooying/ Bike 262/ 90 French Connection & Barf Wader Chaofa West
17-Dec-2011 PHHH 1345 Minnie Mouse, Pole Position & Cartoon Kathu ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Dec-2011 Iron Pussy 101 Clitmas Pussy, Virgin My Arse & Fuck in a Truck Naiharn FlashFlashFlashFlashFlashTrack
10-Dec-2011 PHHH 1344 No Hope, Singha & Apeman Phuket Academy ScribeFlashFlashTrack
7-Dec-2011 Tinmen 273 Pink Sock & Tuk Tuk Kamala Flash
4-Dec-2011 Laguna Iron Man 70.3 - Big Bollox & White Pointer Laguna Flash
3-Dec-2011 PHHH 1343 Gorgeous, Dicksappointing & Barbara Woodhouse Ao Makham ScribeFlashFlashTrack
30-Nov-11 Kamala Koma 110 No Hope, Singha & Apeman Old Airport Road FlashFlashFlashTrack
27-Nov-11 Chiang Mai Bunny Hash 121 Iron Pussy girls on away-day Chiang Mai Flash
27-Nov-11 Laguna Triathlon - Big Bollox & White Pointer Laguna FlashFlashFlash
26-Nov-11 PHHH 1342 No Hope Patong ScribeFlashFlashTrack
19-Nov-11 PHHH 1341 Who the Fuck is Alice, Turncoat & Stupid Canard Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashFlashVideoTrack
13-Nov-11 Pooying 261 F.A.Cup & Secret Agent Dick Gobbler Chaofa West Flash
12-Nov-11 PHHH 1340 Bullet Rash & J.C. Heroines' ScribeFlashFlashTrack
9-Nov-11 Iron Pussy 100 Fishballs, Paper, Slippery Bum & Creature Kamala FlashFlashFlashVideoTrack
5-Nov-11 PHHH 1339 Julie Andrews Cherng Talay ScribeFlashFlashVideoVideoTrack
2-Nov-11 Tinmen 272 Prince Charles Fucking Tosser Big A, Chalong Track
29-Oct-11 PHHH 1338 Swollen Colon, Figjam & The Duke of Puke Manik Dam ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
25-Oct-11 Kamala Koma 109 Julie Andrews Bangtao FlashFlashFlashTrack
22-Oct-11 PHHH 1337 Houdini & Vacent Plot Ao Po ScribeFlashFlashFlashVideoTrack
16-Oct-11 Pooying 260 F.A.Cup & Secret Agent Dick Gobbler Bangpae waterfall
15-Oct-11 PHHH 1336 Dropabolokov, Rushing Around & J.C. Muang Chaofa Rd ScribeFlashFlashTrack
12-Oct-11 Iron Pussy 99 Flip Flop & Creature from the Blue Lagoon Chao Fa West FlashFlashTrack
8-Oct-11 PHHH 1335 No Hope, Singha & Apeman Ao Po ScribeFlashFlashVideoTrack
5-Oct-11 Tinmen 271 King Klong & Figjam Kamala FlashTrack
1-Oct-11 PHHH 1334 Ejackulator, Creature from the Blue Lagoon & No Hope Patong Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashVideoTrack
27-Sep-11 Kamala Koma 108 Houdini Manik Dam FlashFlashTrack
24-Sep-11 PHHH 1333 Gorgeous, Lucky Lek & Dicksappointing Khao Khad Viewpoint ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-Sep-11 Pooying 259 Kewpie, Fishballs & Teacher's Pet Kathu FlashTrack
17-Sep-11 PHHH 1332 No Hope, Singha, Apeman & Give Me One Old Airport Road ScribeFlashFlashTrack
14-Sep-11 Iron Pussy 98 Scrubber, Minnie Mouse, President & Pole Position Thalang FlashFlashTrack
10-Sep-11 PHHH 1331 O.J. & J.C. (viva Mexico) Khao Phra Theaw ScribeFlashFlashTrack
7-Sep-11 Tinmen 270 Murkury & King Klong Patong to Kathu TrackFlash
3-Sep-11 PHHH 1330 J.C. & Saggy Balls Cherng Talay ScribeFlashFlashTrack
30-Aug-11 Kamala Koma 107 Bullet Rash Heroines' FlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
27-Aug-11 PHHH 1329 J.C., Paper & Murkury Thalang ScribeFlashTrack
20-Aug-11 PHHH 1328 Who the Fuck is Alice, Turncoat & Stupid Canard Off Chaofa West ScribeFlashFlashFlashTrack
14-Aug-11 Pooying 258 J.C. & Paper Bang Wat Dam Flash
13-Aug-11 PHHH 1327 J.C. & Barbara Woodhouse Ton Sai Waterfall ScribeFlashTrack
10-Aug-11 Iron Pussy 97 Ting Tong & Secret Banana Gobbler Cape Panwa FlashFlashFlash
6-Aug-11 PHHH 1326 Chicken George, Murkury, Clitmas Pussy & Jungle Balls Off Chaofa West ScribeFlashTrack
3-Aug-11 Tinmen 269 Billy Boy & Brunswick BIS FlashTrack
30-Jul-11 PHHH 1325 Billy Boy, Bluey and J.C. East of Heroine's ScribeFlashTrack
28-Jul-11 AGPU none Minnie Mouse Expat, Patong FlashTeeshirtTeeshirt
26-Jul-11 Kamala Koma 106 Jungle Balls, Clitmas Pussy, Virgin My Arse & Dicksappointing Naiharn Part 1Part 2Track
23-Jul-11 PHHH 1324 Minnie Mouse, Dambuster, Tiger & Murkury Phuket Tin Mining Museum ScribePart 1Part 2MurkuryTrackHash Shit
17-Jul-11 Pooying 257 Froggy, Big Fella & Barf Wader Christiane's Bleu
16-Jul-11 PHHH 1323 Once Weekly & Twice Nightly Manik Dam ScribePart 1Part 2Track
13-Jul-11 Iron Pussy 96 Clitmas Pussy & Virgin My Arse Naiharn FlashTrack
9-Jul-11 PHHH 1322 Who the Fuck is Alice & Stupid Canard Chalong ScribeFlashTrackTeeshirt
6-Jul-11 Tinmen AGPU 268 Swollen Colon Manik FlashTrackTeeshirt
2-Jul-11 PHHH 1321 J.C. & Murkury North of Old Airport Road ScribePart 1Part 2Track
28-Jun-11 Kamala Koma 105 Figjam & Singha Kamala
27-Jun-11 Iron Pussy 25X Woodpecker & Minnie Mouse Patong FlashTrackTeeshirt
26-Jun-11 Pooying / Bike 256 / 84 Murkury & Stupid Fucker Near the Airport TrackBike Hash Video
25-Jun-11 PHHH 1320 25 years of PH3:  Murkury, JC, Dambuster, Tiger Bang Wat Dam ScribePart 1Part 2Part 3TrackTeeshirt
24-Jun-11 PHHH 3120 25 Years of PH3 Opening Party Expat Hotel, Patong FlashFlash
18-Jun-11 PHHH 1319 Who the Fuck is Alice, Jojo & Turncoat Off Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrack
17-Jun-11 Hash Ball - - Phuket Town FlashFlashFlash
11-Jun-11 PHHH 1318 Lucky Lek & Tiger Tin Museum ScribeFlashTrack
8-Jun-11 Iron Pussy 95 Minnie Mouse & Woodpecker Bang Wat Dam Flash
6-Jun-11 Rosie's Funeral - - Rotherham Flash
4-Jun-11 PHHH 1317 Useless, Apeman & No Hope Mai Khao ScribeFlashTrack
1-Jun-11 Tinmen 267 Swollen Colon Kamala Track
31-May-11 Kamala Koma 104 No Hope & Apeman Cherng Talay FlashTrack
28-May-11 PHHH 1316 Chicken George & Barbara Woodhouse Chao Fa West ScribeFlashFlashTrackTeeshirt
21-May-11 PHHH 1315 Houdini & Vacant Plot Kamala ScribeFlashFlashTrack
18-May-11 Tinmen 266 Billy Boy, King Klong & Murkury Special Anniversary Run - East of Heroines' Flash
15-May-11 Pooying 255 Mama Duck, Bullet Rash & Scrubber East of Heroines' Flash
14-May-11 PHHH 1314 J.C. & Murkury North of Thalang ScribeFlashFlash
11-May-11 Iron Pussy 94 Flo Jo & Chastity Belt Thalang FlashFlash
7-May-11 PHHH 1313 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Panwa Scribe
4-May-11 Tinmen 265 Born Loser & Big Bollox Kathu Flash
30-Apr-11 PHHH 1312 J.C. & Naked Gun Kamala Viewpoint ScribeFlashTrack
26-Apr-11 Kamala Koma 103 Cinderella Man Airport-ish Flash
23-Apr-11 PHHH 1311 Leeky Dick & Sheep's Kin Cherng Talay ScribeFlash Track
20-Apr-11 Iron Pussy 93 Moonwalker & Flip Flop Chalong FlashTrack
17-Apr-11 Pooying 254 Thai Connection Kathu Flash
16-Apr-11 PHHH 1310 Born Loser & Lesser Dipshit Heroines ScribeFlashFlashTrack
09-Apr-11 PHHH 1309 Thai Connection Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashTrackTeeshirt
06-Apr-11 Tinmen 264 Barbara Woodhouse & Gorgeous Cape Panwa Track
02-Apr-11 PHHH 1308 Cobbler & Thai Connection New Dam ScribeFlashTrack
29-Mar-11 Kamala Koma 102 Swollen Colon Cherng Talay Flash
26-Mar-11 PHHH 1307 Swollen Colon Thalang ScribeFlashTrack
20-Mar-11 Bali HHH 2 1000 - Bali FlashTrack
19-Mar-11 PHHH 1306 Apeman & Once Weekly Old Airport Road ScribeFlash
13-Mar-11 Pooying 253 Lesser Dipshit & Born Loser Muang Chaofa Rd. FlashTrack
12-Mar-11 PHHH 1305 Minnie Mouse & Cartoon Bang Wat Dam ScribeFlashTrack
09-Mar-11 Iron Pussy 92 Woodpecker & Minnie Mouse Patong Paracetamol
05-Mar-11 PHHH 1304 Murkury & J.C. North of Thalang ScribeFlashVideoTrack
02-Mar-11 Tinmen 263 Jungle Balls & Hawaiian Ho Naiharn FlashTrack
26-Feb-11 PHHH 1303 Flying Dickhead, Murkury, Billy Boy West of Ao Po Scribe FlashTrack
22-Feb-11 Kamala Koma 101 Lesser Dipshit & Born Loser Manik Flash
19-Feb-11 PHHH 1302 Chicken George & Stupid Fucker Chalong Scribe FlashvideoTrack
13-Feb-11 Pooying 252 Bullet Rash & Mama Duck Cherng Talay Flash
12-Feb-11 PHHH 1301 Apeman, Useless Old Airport Road Scribe Flash Track
09-Feb-11 Iron Pussy 91 Matching Drapes, Bootilicious & Fishballs Cape Panwa FlashFlashFlashTrack
05-Feb-11 PHHH 1300 Useless, Apeman & Dave's Not Here Ao Po Scribe FlashvideoTrack
02-Feb-11 Tinmen 262 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Cape Panwa Track
29-Jan-11 PHHH 1299 Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Cape Panwa Scribe FlashTrack
25-Jan-11 Kamala Koma 100 Duke of Puke, Sir Wanda, WC Fields, Popeye Cherng Talay TrackTeeshirt
22-Jan-11 PHHH 1298 Turncoat, Who the Fuck is Alice, Google Arse Phuket Tin Mining Museum Scribe FlashFlashTrack
15-Jan-11 PHHH 1297 Nothing, Jungle Balls & Hawaiian Ho Chalong Scribe FlashTrack
12-Jan-11 Iron Pussy 90 Twice Nightly & Ting Tong Patong Flash
10-Jan-11 Marauders 60 Belly Dancer Chiang Mai
09-Jan-11 Pooying 251 Barf Wader & Froggie Christiane's Blue Resort
08-Jan-11 Chiang Mai 1000 - Chiang Mai ScribeFlashvideo
08-Jan-11 PHHH 1296 Swollen Colon Flash
05-Jan-11 Tinmen 261 Track
01-Jan-11 PHHH 1295 J.C. & Minnie Mouse Mosquito Lake Track

All Phuket tracks from 2011 are in a single KMZ file HERE

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