Phuket Marauders Hash "Experienced hashers only"

About: The Maraud is for experienced male hashers who have been vetted by a Marauder and who are deemed to be devious enough to take part. The Phuket Marauders meet when the GM decides, normally 3 - 4 times a year. At other times, they may be found lurking in the shadows of the Expat bar spending their ill gotten gains from earlier Marauds.

Numbers: Limited to 30 max so if you want to be there confirm your booking with GM Scud.

Virgins: This event is not open to hangers on or day trippers. Anyone who is not of Tinmen standard and a regular Hasher will not be allowed. The GM has the final decision on any proposed Virgins. A Virgin must be sponsored and looked after by an existing member.

Misdirections: Probably something along these lines. Registration at the Expat Hotel coffee shop at 1300. The bus will leave the Expat Hotel at 1400 SHARP, not 1405. I repeat THE BUS LEAVES AT 1400. Panicky phone calls from Marauders who cannot tell the time will not be accepted!

GM Hall of fame: Sir Bollox (founder), Sir Lance the Lot, Sponge, King Klong, Sir Bogdiver, Sir Wanda, Duke of Puke, B.C., Billy Boy, Brunswick, Vertical Limit, Scud.

Any questions? Contact the GM