Presentation for Pom, a Quantum Power Chair

Hello Everyone, 
We have hung the Banners at The Kangaroo Bar for The Presentation Night, of an Electric Quantum Power Chair on Friday, the 13th of May, in support of Pom.
Pom is a young Thai man, who was born without arms, is missing a leg, and his existing leg is not very functional.
Pom sells various wares on Beach road, near Banana Disco, and sits on an old skateboard that he uses for his mobility, to get around with, on the footpath, 
The local Thai people around Pom, talk to the customers and handle his money for him.
Pom is friends with Wan and Aen who have their Electric Mobility scooters now.
These Mobility Scooter/Chairs are supplied and donated by Pride Mobility, Melbourne, Australia, to whom we are forever grateful, and for their continued support and belief, in what we are all doing and achieving.
This will transform Pom's life forever, in such a very positive way.
Pride Mobility, Melbourne, Australia have been, and are, the cornerstone of these life changing events.
It promises to be a big night with many Motorcycle Clubs and other various organiza-tions from across Thailand, joining forces, in support, of helping someone out, that's in need.
We are also going to be blessed with the company of the Chief of Police and many other Thai Dignitaries that are helping to make this all happen.
None of this, would be at all possible, without the support of good hearted people, wanting to chip in and help out. To everyone that has joined in, and has given their