PH3 Donation to Elderly Care Facility in Paklok

Several members of the Phuket House Harriers made a visit to the Elderly Care Facility in Paklok to present a donation of much needed items that included adult diapers, absorbent bed pads, several types of cleaning liquids, a variety of scrubbing brushes and brooms, sugar, salt and small bottles of drinking water.
The Elderly Care Facility houses 76 senior-age residents of which 27 are bed ridden. The majority of the care at this facility is provided through personal donations with government support covering only a portion of the food requirement. Participating Hashers included Tequila Slapper, Chlamydia, St Blow Job, Butt Cycle and Fungus. As the Phuket Hash often lays runs that cross the facility property several of the senior residents were especially pleased to receive this donation while recognizing the three hash members presenting that reside in the immediate area, St Blow Job, Tequila Slapper and Butt Cycle. Well done Phuket Hash House Harriers for giving something back into the community whose property we are so fortunate to be able to run through.