PH3 Donation for Wan with disabilities working Bangla Road Patong

Gooday to everyone from the Phuket Hash House Harriers,
Hello, my name is Westy and I am fortunate to be working with a group of likeminded people that are planning to coordinate a fund-raising function for a young woman named Wan. 
Wan works in Patong around the Bangla Road area selling various wares.
Wan was born with no hands and badly disfigured legs. 
Wan has an amazing spirit and is worthy of a lot more from life than she currently has.
The fund-raiser is to assist in buying an Electric Mobility Scooter for her.
This Mobility Scooter will assist in raising her self-esteem, perhaps create better job opportunities and give her a great deal more independence in life.
Pride Mobility, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, manufacture these Mobility Scooters and modifies them for the different disabilities such as Wans.
Pride Mobility have responded in a very positive way indicating they can provide the scooter at cost price,
We have a friend, Brian McNicholl who will be here in Patong around the 20th of March and can bring the Scooter over here for us free of charge.
The plan is to hold the fund-raiser at the Kangaroo Bar on Friday the 23rd of January 2015 on Bangla Road.
I have spoken to various organizations about this project and have their full support.
It is planned to hold a presentation night in 17th April for Wan and present her with her new set of wheels/lease on life.
The Fund Raiser is on Friday the 23rd of January at the Kangaroo Bar on Bangla Road and the Presentation Night will be in 17th April for this community-based project.
I shall be running this announcement daily until the 23rd of January for Community Awareness for the Fund Raising event.
Yours Sincerely,