Fundraiser to Upkeep three Electric Scooters

Hello everyone,
We have organized a “Fundraiser for Upkeep”, for the continued maintenance of the Electric Scooters and Chair, brought over from Pride Mobility, Victoria, Australia, back in 2015-2016, to be held at the 
Kangaroo Bar, Bangla Road, Friday, Dec 22nd - 7 PM,
Spare parts have been brought in from Pride Mobility, Australia, and here to Phuket, consisting of Computer Hardware, Power Modulators, & Electronic Speed Throttles & Tyre’s/Tubes.
This Fundraiser is for the expected future need, of Battery replacement, and parts.
Each machine has two batteries, and have a life expectancy of 2 years maximum, and comes in at a hefty replacement cost, per machine.
Any life that we get out of the batteries after the two years really is a bonus.
One of the Scooters has been on the road for over two years, and the other Scooter, for over a year, both in constant daily use.
The third vehicle has been out of action for some time, as unfortunately, it was caught out in one of Patong’s infamous Monsoonal downpours, and had been driven through water, killing what we think may be the Computer.
We very much hope to have that vehicle up and running for its owner, Pom, very soon.
All in all, the vehicles are of excellent design and build, and are very reliable.
Once again there has been great support from The Kangaroo Bar, Don’s BBQ, Southern Big Bike, The Aussie Bar, The Phuket News, the Motorcycle Clubs, the Phuket Hash House Harriers, and of course Pride Mobility Australia.